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Understanding selfie phenomenon

Understanding seelfie


Facebook loves WhatsApp


Understanding the usage of Social Networks Apps

When analyzing the usage of mobile applications is difficult to know the sociodemographic profile of apps users. For instance, it is hard to know if they are more women than men, what is the age range of heavy users, what are their interests or lifestyle, etc. Technical issues such as their mobile operator, the brand of their mobile device, when they are using 3G or Wifi, or what operating system they have, are also key too understand the usage of mobile applications. The analysis of mobile apps usage needs actionable insights about all these variables. 

This infographic from Smartme Analytics take into consideration main variables influencing mobile users and exposes key data to understand the usage of social networks among mobile users:

-What is the most popular social network during weekend?

-Who are the heavy users?

-How much time do we really spend on social networks with our smartphones?

Smartme infografia V_ingles

Key Factors Influencing Mobile Applications Success

Infografía_Shopping_greyWhat do people really do with their smartphones 24/7? Does it depend on their gender, age, operating system, location, brand of their device or their network operator?. The real use of apps depends on both behavioral and technical factors. 
The infographic shows the behavioral data and the technical data for mobile gaming, travel and shopping apps. Do you know how these factors influence the use of mobile apps? Do you understand how the behavior of mobile users can influence your business? 

The iOS are from Mars and the Android are from Venus

Even mobile devices offer similar services, the user behaviors vary from one to another platform.

In this infographic we can see many examples of this disparity of beahaviors. In conclusion, the way users interact with their smartphones does not depend on the functionality of the device but the sociodemographic characteristics thereof. Hence the importance of Knowing both beahavior and characteristics of users. Smartme_infografia_I_ingles

We spend 7,8 hours per month playing mobile games

The large number of mobile devices in the market has led the rise of mobile gaming.

According to the last study from Smartme Analytics, 59,5% os mobile users have at least one game app installed on their smartphone. Hence we spend an average of 7.8 hours per month using this king of applications. It was also revealed that 30.4% of mobile users plays at least once a day and that while Android users downloading more games than iOS users, iOS users spend the most time playing them.Smartme_infografia_III_ingles

ING DIRECT. The most used mobile banking application

Advantages of access to banking through smartphones, has brought an increase on downloading of this kind of applications. According to the latest report from Smartme Analytics, about 16% of mobile users have on their smartphone at least one banking application. Most of these men (58.68%) between 26 and 35 years. Among the most used mobile banking applications, ING Direct is the champion not only on downloads but also on time of useSmartme_infografia_II_ingles

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