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How we get mobile market intelligence?


What is Smartme Analytics?

Smartme is a comprehensive analytics solution for mobile industry. It addresses the lack of comprehensive tools to measure mobile applications tracking how people are using mobile devices with sociodemographic information.

Based on an innovative technology it captures the mobile user data to create a new source of market intelligence for brands, content providers, apps developers, publishers, network operators, online retailers, terminal vendors, internet players and any company that needs to have a real knowledge of what to do and how are the users through mobile applications using.


Why is a valuable source of mobile user data knowledge?

  • Because it is reliable and low cost:

It is on-device, so Smartme app is installed in real users (under their permission) to monitor what they are using 24/7. The users become opt-in panelists. Big data collected is high-quality and real time. Big data information can be managed through the web analysis tool that offers insights.

  • Because it is complete and global:

Smartme Software tracks all smartphone applications linked to other variables such as Location, internet access (WIFI/3G), mobile operator, OS, smartphone brand and sociodemographic information. The collected information is global as it monitors end user smartphone consumption regardless mobile network and country. Mobile industry players get global applications information beyond the data gathered by its own applications.


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